Stay Away From High Trans Fat Containing Food

Hydrogenation is a process that produces trans fat (a solid fat) from vegetable oils. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that these fats increase the unhealthy cholesterol which is low-density lipoprotein in your blood and thus raises the risk of heart disease. It has been suggested in 2010 by The Dietary Guidelines for Americans to limit the amount of trans fat in the food. Moreover, the American Heart Association has suggested to take less than 1 percent of your calories from the trans fat calories. That means when you are following the 2000 calorie meal plan, and then you have to get less than 2 grams of trans fat every day. The amount of trans fat present is listed on the package list in the packaged foods.


The hard stick margarine can also be a source of trans fat as they are manufactured from vegetable oils using the process of hydrogenation. In one tablespoon of margarine, there is approximate of 3 grams of trans fat. If you want to replace margarine to reduce the trans fat, then replace it with vegetable oil while cooking.

Shortening can also be found high in the amount of trans fat as it is also manufactured by the hydrogenation of vegetable oil. Some companies have changed the ingredients to make the amount of trans fat in shortening to be reduced. The American Heart Association suggests that only those products can be considered as trans fat- free if they contain 0.5 grams or less amount of trans fat in a portion. If you can see a label that has mentioned “partially hydrogenated,” then it is most likely to contain some amount of trans fat in them.

Fast Foods
Your favorite fast food like french-fries, doughnuts, burgers and fried chicken are the sources of trans fat. Some of the fast food restaurants have introduced trans-fat free recipes. However the trans fat is likely to be present in some of the foods provided by the fast-food restaurants. If you want to check the amount of trans fat present in your meal, then check the nutrition facts mentioned on the company ‘s website.

Baked Goods

Put the commercially baked goods like biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and muffins down as they are also among the sources of trans fat. The foods like crackers, pies, cakes, cookies and ready-to-use frosting provide a high amount of calories along with refined sugar and contain very less amount of healthy nutrition. So it is better to avoid these foods to prevent diseases and to maintain a healthy body.

The pizza that is topped with a lot of sausage, bacon, beef or pepperoni contains amount s of trans fat in them. Trans fat can be naturally found in meat and dairy products that are common ingredients of pizzas. You can check the labels of frozen pizzas to get to know about the amount of trans fat. If the amount is less than 0.5g, then it can be considered trans fat- free.