When Shouldn’t You Disclose an Allergy?

Allergy can be of many types and from a variety of substances. It can either be from gluten, dairy, wheat or soy products. Most of the time people remain on self-diagnosis to find what type of allergy they have.

These days people, as well as animals especially pets, have one kind of allergy or the other. However, the National Academy of Sciences says that there is very limited evidence that food allergies are actually rising.

Dr . Virginia Stallings from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia pointed out that food allergies are difficult and complicated to diagnose. Often people come to them when they have already self-diagnosed about some allergy. It is quite likely that these people have a food intolerance to certain foods rather than food allergy.

Food intolerance or food sensitivity has much milder symptoms than food allergies. People who complain about the things they cannot eat because their stomach feels funny after eating those foods might have food sensitivity rather than food allergy.

Food intolerance and food allergy manifest differently in the body.  People with food sensitivity or food intolerance often complain of digestive issues. They may also do not notice any symptom if they eat a small portion of that item. However, people with food allergy have very intense and wide-ranging reactions. It affects multiple organs in the body particularly the immune system. Reactions to food allergies are very severe and in some cases even life threatening.

Whether you should disclose about having an allergy or not is a great question. Here is why,

If you have a severe allergy, do not hesitate to disclose.

Yes, if you have a diagnosed food allergy, do disclose it within your close friends, family, and extended family. When you eat out, always ask what ingredients your choice of the dish will contain and inform the servers also about your allergy. By doing this, you can avoid a possible allergic reaction. You will be helping people around you by making them aware to expect the kind of reaction and how to help you in the case of emergency if you do have an allergic reaction.

If you have a mild allergy, always disclose.

If you have a mild food allergy, you will still tend to avoid certain foods you are allergic to. This means that you need to disclose about your allergy to your friends, family, and other people. It is a common belief that allergic reactions become sever with the passage of time. This is not true for everyone. For most people, allergic reactions can be less severe with the passage of time or remain constant. It is always better to consult your doctor about it. He will tell you about the prognosis of your allergy as well as how to respond to emergency situations.

If you do not have a food allergy, do not brag about one.

Food allergy is not a joke. People with food allergies have to compromise on many things ad adjust their lives according to their needs. If you do not have a food allergy, do not act that you have one. This way people in the health and food industry would not get a clear idea about the reactions of certain foods. The ones who have food allergies should take it seriously and consult the doctor to diagnose whether they have an allergy or just intolerance to certain foods.


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